Supreme Court Ready to Rule on Abortion Issue

It seems as if the issue of abortion is one that has been up for debate since its inception. The issue of whether an abortion should be legal or not; whether a fetus is a living human; at what point during its “life” does it become a viable person; etc. Now, however, the Supreme Court of the United States will be deciding on the extent that the state of Texas can go to when it comes to regulating abortion clinics in the state.

I can only imagine that there will be many activists on hand debating each other and rallying while waiting for the decision of the Court.

However, this is a very different situation. Since the passing of Justice Scalia, there has yet to be a replacement on the Court. Thus, on the occasion that there is a 4-4 tie, the rulings of the lower courts in Texas would have to be upheld and therefore enforced.

How this case will be ruled is anyones guess. There are 4 liberal justices on the bench and Justice Kennedy is the known swing vote on the bench, but we will have to just wait and see what will be decided.


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