Red Sox Need to Shape Up & They Need to do so QUICKLY!

The Red Sox have not been playing with the power that they were once displaying just a short time ago. They started off the season HOT but have quickly sizzled. They have now slid to being 4 games behind the Baltimore Orioles who sit at top of the AL East Division, their largest deficit since April 12th.

Buccholz started off the season poorly, was moved to the bullpen, moved back to the rotation, and is quite frankly, hurting the team more than helping.

Dustin Pedroia leads the league in most double plays entered with 14.

Brock Holt, Travis Shaw, Ryan Hanigan, Blake Swihart, and now Chris Young are all occupying the disabled list and boy are their bats missed!

When Dombrowski was questioned together on whether any major moves would be made before the trade deadline in order to stop the deterioration of the team, Dombrowski’s response was “you can’t go out and make a trade for some positional player and give up one of your top prospects for a two-week or a week type of situation. We need to pitch better. We need to play better.”

Hopefully, the Red Sox can quickly improve and if not, trades will have to be made.


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