June 19, 2016: Supreme Court Refuses to Hear a 2nd Amendment Challenge

As is the case every year, June is such a pinnacle month for the Supreme Court of the United States. This year, especially after the unexpected passing of Justice Scalia, the Court is expected to surprise many & this morning proves to be no different with the decision that they have made, or should I say, decided to not make. 
The Supreme Court has recently announced that they’re refusing to hear a constitutional challenge on a Connecticut ban that was enacted in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. This law, bans certain semi-automatic assault weapons as well as large capacity magazines. 
While 2nd Amendment rights has been a recent hot topic, my personal belief is that the Supreme Court decided correctly today in choosing to let respective states create their own laws regarding this issue. This may seem as a shock to many, especially because of the recent massacre that occurred in Orlando, but we must be mindful that states have boundaries that the federal government should not interfere with. 

Im curious to see how our presidential candidates will react to this decision, if at all. 


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