Personal Reading…

 Twilight was the epitome of the romance every girl wanted to feel. I remember when the novel first came out in 2005. I was curious as to what this love story would entail and how a human and a vampire could possibly cross paths in such a way.                                                                     Needless to say, after reading just a few pages, I was completely mesmerized as to how the author (Stephenie Meyer) could captivate her readers in the way that she did. 
Now, 10 years later, I am feeling the same emotions I did when I first read Meyer’s series. However, I am now reading Twilight – Reimagined. In this book, there is no Bella and Edward… There is Beau & Edythe. 
To anyone who read the series and enjoyed it, the love story between Beau & Edythe is absolutely brilliant. 
Thanks for another great one Stephenie Meyer! 


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