What an awesome gesture…

My guy of like 3/4 years, has always told me he would never go to church with me. I’ve never fought him on that because religion is a personal preference & no one should be forced into believing in any aspects of it. 

But he knows it’s truly an important part of me. I’m not the most religious, but I am spiritual and I do pray at random times during the day and say my prayers at night the way my mom taught me when I was younger. 

Yesterday, was the four year anniversary of my grandfathers death. 

My grandfather is the very reason why I’m so determined to live out his dream of becoming an attorney. 

To my amazement, my guy got up from our nap and began to get dressed and I was so confused. I literally thought he was going out on a date or something with the way he was getting dressed! 

But instead, he was getting dressed to accompany my family and myself to our mass that was dedicated to my grandfather. 

I never asked him to come or anything like that, he just felt compelled to come. 

I literally think him being there with me and going on his own free will was the most beautiful thing he has ever done for me. 

It has made me look at him in a totally different light. 


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  1. Human Interest says:

    I love you.

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