Pope Francis Rocks the Catholic Community

As many of you already know, many of our world religions carry strict rules that devotees are expected to abide by. For the Catholic Church, one of those stringent beliefs is related to the abortion of a child. 
It is the Catholic rule that if a woman chooses to abort her child, she is immediately excommunicated from the Church and need the permission of a bishop in order to lift the excommunication. The same goes for those who assist in the abortion procedure. 
However, Pope Francis, just minutes ago, announced that for the Jubilee Year (Holy Year) which runs from December 8, 2015 through November 20, 2016, the requirement of having the permission of a bishop to return to the Church will be dropped. 
It has been declared that any priest may absolve a woman of the sin of abortion during confession, which will effectively lift the excommunication. 
What are your thoughts on this temporary lift of the ban?


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