Reaching that Midway Point of the Season

What is there to say! Okay, so lets start off by me reminding you, that if you have not already voted Xander Bogaerts to be selected into the 2015 All Star Game, stop reading this, & go in VOTE! Like NOW!
In case you dont already know, Xander Bogaerts is the Shortstop Player for the Boston Red Sox. He has been a fan favorite for so many since his arrival to the team a few years ago. He is one of just a few handful of baseball players who is under the age of 25 and already has a World Series Championship title under his belt. 
But fast forward to this year. What a great start the Sox were of to! Winning games, almost winning all of their series vs their opponents then it stops. Its seems as if in just a blink of an eye, that feel good emotion all of Red Sox Nation had disappeared. We were suddenly in a slump…A very BIG slump & we somehow could not find our groove. 
After a monstrous Spring Training and the corrective surgery that took care of Mike Napoli’s sleep apnea, his bat seemed to die on us; those pitchers that were going at least a solid 6 inning and setting the game up for our middle relievers and then for our closer Koji Uehara, also seemed to be in a major funk. 
We lost the majority of games in the month of May and June was not looking too promising for us either…but just like that ol’ Shane Victorino song goes, we all had enough knowledge not to “worry…about a thing…cause’ every little thing, is gonna be alright” and sure enough, things are looking much brighter. 
After falling as far back as 9 games out of first place in the AL East division, the Sox have won 8 of their last 11 games and in just 15 games, have cut their deficit to just being a solid 5 games behind first place. 
There are no more slumping Sox and with a BIG weekend on slowly creeping up on us, the Sox, as well as Red Sox Nation are all hoping that the momentum we currently have going proves to be the winning factor for this team. 
There is no doubt that we have a great group of guys in that clubhouse who have a TON of talent. 
With a Yankee loss last night and a Red Sox win, we gained a game in our pursuit to first. 
With the half way mark quickly approaching us, the Sox stand only 5 games behind first with a solid 77 more left to play after the All Star break. 
Reporter Pete Abraham got a fantastic statement from pitcher Junichi Tarawa, he said: The Spirit of the team is different now. Even if we give up runs, we come back”.
You better believe that Red Sox management is expected to trade for some arms before the trade deadline & we all here in Red Sox Nation believe this will happen!

Go Sox!!


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