Fighting the blues…

I’ve been feeling very VERY down lately & I blame it on certain situations that are going on right now that have made me very unhappy. 

Scariest thing is that since my grandfather’s death, I’ve slipped up & fallen into deep depression because it was the real first time that something out of my control affected me in the way that it did. 

The medications that doctors prescribe you are terrible because it makes you feel absolutely nothing. Not even happiness. You’re just so indifferent to the world around you. 

I see myself slowly falling into that pattern again. The excess naps during the days, the sleepless nights, irritability, & just feeling like there is no silver lining. 

However, since I’m a heavy thinker, it works towards my advantage because I’m well aware of what’s happening. 

I know I need to be out more. Whether it be going for a walk, sitting somewhere outdoors, anything, I know I need to do it. 

I’ve also found writing helps me a lot. No one really understands your situation like you do & it’s very easy for one to give you an uneducated opinion when they know nothing of the subject. But my pen and paper are non-judgmental so I hope to write on various topics more on here. 


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  1. anjuf1 says:

    No medicines can help you. Only you can come out of the nightmares that are gripping you. Try to indulge yourself in an activity which interests you. Play with children; dine out with friends, do some social work. It will bring a lot of positivity in your lives

    1. Thanks! I was prescribed medicine in the past and it honestly made me feel terrible. I think I do need to just be outdoors more and engage in activity that would uplift me.

      1. anjuf1 says:

        True, medicines will only make you sleep and feel lethargic. Listen to some nice relaxing music and do meditation. It helps immensely. Watch humorous movies and tv programmes. It will divert your attention from negative thoughts.

      2. I would like to try meditation. I’ve heard it is truly beneficial

  2. anjuf1 says:


  3. 7sheniece says:

    Time is the best thing for situations like this . But day by day it gets better. Celebrate your lost relative life and just be grateful for all the people you still have in your life and make the best out of your time with them. Trust me it works .

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and advice. It does seem to get a bit easier day by day

      1. anjuf1 says:

        The life does not end here. You have lost one relative, but there are others too. Live your life fully with other people who are close to you.

  4. 7sheniece says:

    Get yourself involved in all the good around you. its worth a try .

    1. anjuf1 says:

      One day, all have to leave this world and unite with the supreme. Body is mortal, it has to perish, but our soul is immortal and is omnipresent.
      Remember the good time which you spent with your relative and celebrate the life as it comes.
      If you lament over the death of your relative, you will cause pain to the departed soul which is still in existence.

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