Massarotti: Is John Farrell Losing Control Of Red Sox?

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — And so now it looks like infighting, like the beginnings of an insurrection, regardless of whether that is actually true. John Farrell is smart enough to know that. He has spent a lifetime in baseball. And he knows that in the dugout and on the field, as everywhere else, perception is reality, and the perception is that the Red Sox are again spiraling out of control.

Fresh off a three-game sweep of the Oakland A’s, the Red Sox returned to form in the last 72 hours and were swept by the Baltimore Orioles this week, culminating in a 6-5 defeat at Camden Yards last night. In the middle of the game, Farrell yanked ineffective pitcher Wade Miley, who then engaged Farrell in a heated exchange in the dugout before the manager guided the confrontation down the runway and out of sight.

After the game, Farrell said the…

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