I Finally Met My Father

This was so beautiful & Im so glad this happened for you Arlene.

Finding Light In The Darkness

Thursday afternoon, I got a call that my father was coming to visit. I instantly became nervous. I drove home and I cried. I’m not sure if I cried because of the random emotions running through my body or because I never expected this moment to happen. I hadn’t seen my dad in 10 years and the last memory I have of him, he was shocked, that my brother and I, showed up at his doorstep. But this visit, would turn out to be quite different.

I got off of work early Friday and I met up with everyone at my brothers house. When my father walked in through the door, I saw his wife and kids walk in after him. “Uh, this is it,” I whispered to myself. He came around for hugs and then he stopped and looked at me. “Wow, Arlene. You’re beautiful.” I honestly didn’t know what…

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