Man accuses ex of sleeping with all of Wu-Tang Clan on Divorce Court — watch

Consequence of Sound

Wu-Tang Clan might claim they are nothing to fuck wit, but fucking wit them is exactly what this guy accuses his ex of doing. In fact, he accuses her of sleeping with the entire group.

Nathan Sellers brought his ex Lia Palmquist on Divorce Court to settle their post-marital difficulties. The problem stems from the fact the Sellers thinks his lady cheated on him with every Wu member — on the same night. Of course, it sounds ridiculous, and as the clip opens with Sellers trying to object to the word “accuse,” you’re in Palmquist’s corner from the start. Until she starts telling her side of the story, that is.

Turns out she did actually spend an evening with the Wu. Though she claims she “kept [her] lady points together” and would “never be like, a busdown or a groupie,” her tale would make any guy suspicious. “Basically what happened is I met Wu-Tang…

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