The Ultimate Betrayal?

Have you ever been cheated on? If no, consider yourself lucky. If yes, I get it. You get it. The emotions and the self- love you once had for yourself seems to vanish because the one person you love, that one person who is supposed to be your partner and protect you from bad, is the source of it. 

Now being cheated on can be a devastating ordeal to go through. You’ve got your friends telling you to leave the douchebag who cheated (male or female); you’ve got your family having withdrawals from missing that person you once shared your life with; and you’re battling yourself. Plus you’ve got the cheated potentially trying to make amends. How much worse can it get?

What about becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease while the cheating occurred or while you were on a break? If happens folks. 

What’s worse though… The betrayal of your partner wanting someone else for some short period of time or the aftermath of such foolery?

It’s tough. I’ve been cheated on in both relationships I’ve been in and I’ve learned from them both. Although I have long forgiven both of these men, it’s forever changed me. For me, I’ve become much more cold hearted and I know if any suspicions of my partner exist, I’m taking the quickest exist. It may sound awful because this is the person I want to build with, but I’ve learned from experience that sometimes it just isn’t worth it   

So ladies and gentleman, if you want to wreak havoc, do it when you’re alone and completely unattached from any other human. 


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