Terry Francona hurt himself running the bases


When you’re a young person, you can kinda do anything physically. You may not do it well, of course, but you can try almost any given activity and not really worry too much about killing yourself. Go skiing for the first time? Your hamstrings and calfs may scream the next day, but you’re gonna be fine. Take hacks in a batting cage? You might be a little stiff. Play some ultimate frisbee? You may be out of breath quickly, but it’s not like your body is going to explode.

Once you reach a certain age, however, — and the age varies, but it’s someplace north of 35 or so — you get a lot more fragile. Your body really doesn’t want to do unusual things. Sure, if you keep it in shape you can still do active things at a high level — a runner can run with little problem…

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