New Massachusetts Laws On Wine, Gas Pump Clips In 2015

CBS Boston

BOSTON (AP) — Rita Diaz works two minimum-wage jobs, one at a restaurant and the other at a clothing store, to pay the bills and help support her parents and seven younger brothers. Starting Thursday, she’ll earn a bit of extra money in her paychecks.

The new year brings an increase in the state’s minimum wage from $8 to $9 per hour. The increase, the first since 2008, was approved by the Legislature and Gov. Deval Patrick and begins a three-step process that eventually will bring Massachusetts’ minimum wage to a U.S.-leading $11 per hour by 2017.

Diaz, 26, of Boston, hopes it will make life a little easier. In the past, she said, “I needed to make a decision to pay the rent or buy food or buy the bus pass.”

Massachusetts is among 21 states boosting the minimum wage in 2015.

Lewis Finfer, a leader of a statewide…

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