Snow Likely To Impact Friday Morning Commute

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – Attention morning commuters – your first official driving test of the season, courtesy Mother Nature, is coming Friday morning.

Break out the snow brushes, the driving gloves and the winter boots, it’s about to get real.

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It’s not a nor’easter or a blockbuster storm and thankfully it will be nothing like the storm that many in the Midwest experienced just a few days ago. The timing of our first widespread snow accumulation, however, is just enough to make things interesting.

(WBZ-TV Graphic) (WBZ-TV Graphic)


Precipitation will begin tonight after 7 p.m. Thursday as light rain showers in eastern Massachusetts and some light mixed rain and snow in central Massachusetts. As temperatures continue to plunge it will quickly turn to all snow in Worcester County and in the suburbs north and west of Boston.

It’ll take a little longer in Eastern Massachusetts and…

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