Grande: Last Year All Over Again? No, Tanks

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) –“Last year. We would have laid down and died.”

A bit dramatic perhaps, certainly a healthy dose of hyperbole to digest.

But that doesn’t make Jared Sullinger wrong.

Ten hours after flying close enough to history you could feel Twitter ready to explode, I was in the elevator with the Celtics third-year man and leader in waiting when he said it.

And he should know. He’s the guy who’s talked at length about some nights last year, most notably at Indiana right before Christmas, when he was part of the dying.

But on a stormy Tuesday morning in north Texas, hours after the comeback that almost was, those nine words serve as a keynote not only for the season’s opening week, but for the clear and present difference between this year and last.

It was clear in the blowout win at the Garden on opening night…

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