Baker, Coakley Work To Get Out The Vote Before Election

CBS Boston

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) — Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat Martha Coakley revved up their get-out-the-vote engines Saturday as the tight race to succeed Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick neared its end.

The major party candidates made multiple campaign stops on a rainy, windy day, imploring supporters to knock on doors, make phone calls and otherwise persuade voters to go the polls on Tuesday.

Democrats have typically enjoyed an organizational edge in Massachusetts elections, particularly in urban areas of the state. Baker, who held a slight edge over Coakley in most recent public opinion polls, was intent on closing the organizational gap. Coakley said she believed her party’s vaunted “ground game” would help deliver the decisive votes.

The Republican, meanwhile, said he believed his opponent’s campaign was resorting to desperate tactics, a charge the Democrat dismissed.

“We are way inside the red zone folks and now we have to get into the…

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