Top 10 Sedans


This list was organized mostly focusing on speed and the style with which these cars accomplish it. There are a few that will blow the doors off of some supercars and a few that while they are fast, a lot of why they made this list was because of how cool or interesting they were regardless the speed they were capable of accomplishing. Here is the list, there will be many more to come and feel free to give us  ideas on what future lists should be done on.

BMW E60 M5

This generation of the m5 marked the first generation of the SMG transmission being used in the m5. It gave super fast shifts but hindered driveability around town but that is all made up for with the formula one derived five liter v10 engine that revved to 8200 rpms. It developed 500 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque…

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