Review: 2013 Audi S4 (Modified)


The sedan is arguably the most popular type of vehicle in the world and while there have been thousands of different models, one thing remains certain. Germany is still king of the sedans. No other manufacturer in any other country can match the luxury, performance, and prestige that German sedans are known for world wide. And it seems like they have done it again with the 5th generation of the iconic Audi S4.

2013 Audi S4 Modified-1 copy

Performance – From the very beginning, the Audi S4 has had a tough time deciding what engine it wants to keep under its hood. The Americans have the V8, the Japanese have the turbocharged inline-4, but the S4 has had a turbocharged inline-5, a twin-turbocharged V6, a naturally aspirated V8, and now a supercharged V6. In any case, the power figures have been slowly climbing over the years until it plateaued with the new supercharged V6…

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