When you realize she’s gone

Maybe I'll Just Write Poetry

When your dishes all lie broken on the floor,
When her suitcases are packed and in the trunk of her car,
When your picture frames have smiling faces glaring at you like they never have before.
When the bruises are still fresh on your cheek,
When finally you feel guilty for what she’s been telling you to feel sorry for for weeks,
When you finally say sorry and you mean it.
When she gives you that look you hate so much,
When her makeup is trailing on her face and it’s your fault,
When she slams the door and you know it’s going to stay shut.
When you chase her and it’s been too late for years,
When your apologies mean nothing to her tears,
When you stop wondering how to get her back,
Because you realize she left you a long time ago, and you deserve it.

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