New Georgia Gun Law Effective July 1st

Effective July 1st (this Tuesday), gun owners in Georgia will be allowed to pack heat in bars, schools, churches, and SOME government buildings. 

The state’s “Safe Carry Protection Act” was signed last Wednesday by Governor Nathan Deal and critics have called this new law the “guns everywhere law” because of the extreme leniency that this law seems to have.

Beginning on Tuesday, licensed gun owners in Georgia and from 28 visiting states will be allowed to bring their guns into locations such as schools, bars, and churches.

Now while I have never been against gun laws, I am against the leniency that this law seems to bring. One of the goals that we should is to keep our children safe. So lets look at both sides of this debate. If a teacher is allowed to bring his/her gun into a school building, who’s to say that they will not “snap” one day and use it? However, who’s to say that if another event such as Columbine occurs, then a school teacher will be able to protect themselves and their students. 

While I do believe that some restrictions need to exist in regards to gun laws, I do not think that Georgia is following the right path.

I would like to know where some of you guys stand on this subject!


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