Amazing Facts About Love and Marriage


Americans love love and believe in it. In our new book The Book of Odds: From Lightning Strikes to Love at First Sight, we report that the odds an adult believes in love at first sight are 1 in 1.9, more than half of us! Even more of us believe in true love, Plato’s fable of each of us having a missing half in the world who completes us and only us. The odds an adult believes we each have no more than one true love are 1 in 1.4.

Back in the Mad Men era, living together was unusual, and seen as inconsistent with building a lasting, non-rickety household, hence the term “shacking up” — but things have changed in a big way. In 1960, the odds an adult 20 or older “shacked up” were 1 in 141. Those are the odds someone is an atheist. The odds

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