New Dictionary Additions: 7 Useful Words You Probably Don’t Know


The Oxford English Dictionary, the toughest of linguistic bouncers, just announced the latest words that editors have let into da club. You may have read that selfie and hashtag are among the crew, but little attention was paid to the more than 1,000 other new terms now appearing for the first time in that historical reference. But don’t despair. We’ve slogged through the list, chucking the nap-inducing cholestatics and varioliforms, to find the gems. Here are 7 little-known terms that you could put to good use in daily life, along with the oldest usage that the OED editors could find.

bezzie (n., adj., 1865): a person’s most respectableclothes.

This word should be appearing in rap songs constantly, and not just to refer to the yellow diamonds in the “bezzies” of rappers’ watches. The British also use bezzie as an adjective to describe their favorite things or people, such as…

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