FDA Wants to Limit Your Salt Intake. Is That a Good Thing?


On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) caused a stir when the agency announced it wants to limit the amount of salt Americans eat from processed foods. They cited studies linking too much sodium to high blood pressure and therefore a higher risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney problems. But conflicting reports from leading experts in recent years make the agency’s job tougher—and leave consumers wondering who’s right.

The FDA is proposing a voluntary guideline to lower the amount of sodium food manufacturers add to their products (this is pursuing a mandatory lowering of trans fats by manufacturers and in restaurants). While some companies are on board with the idea—Wal-Mart says it will reduce sodium in some of its foods by 25% in the coming year, ConAgra reports it has already cut sodium by 20% in some of its products, and Subway restaurants have dropped sodium by…

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