December 11, 1998, I write…

Going through my treasure box yesterday I stumbled upon some of my earlier writings. One of the writings I read over was from when I was an 8 year old girl, living in Brooklyn, seemingly inspired to live a great life.

Excerpt from an 8 Year-Old Version of Me:

“My mom just told me that we are going to be moving to another new state. A state I have never been to. Massachusetts. Even though we have moved around alot, I am scared of what Massachusetts will bring to my family. New Jersey brought me life. Florida brought me my brothers. Pennsylvania brought us nothing good. New York brings us heartache. What will Massachusetts bring? I dont know. But what I do know is that I will be meeting my moms family for the very first time and I hope that they like me. I see pictures of them and the look like pretty people but I dont know them. I hope Massachusetts brings my mom happiness because she is really the best mom you could ever. Not even money could by how awesome my mom is.

Even though I am 8 I wonder what life will be like when I am 20. I wonder if I will have liked going to school still and if me my mom and my brothers will be really happy. I just wonder. Even though I am only 8 I know that I want to grow up and be a awesome person. I will be a judge and make sure that I make life fair for everyone who comes into my courtroom. I will work very hard in school and get good grades because that is what my mom wants me to do and she is very proud of me. I am going to help my mom out alot and make sure I help her always with my little brothers. I will never be a bad girl and hurt peoples feelings because I think that is the meanest thing you can do. I will always love and respect people because they are all people. We are not animals. Even animals should be respected actually. I am never going to get married because that is a waste of money and because my mom never did either. Maybe there will be a nice boy who will be nice to me and will like to go to school like me and like Power Rangers to.

When I am 20 maybe I will still be living in Massachusetts. I hope we like it. And I hope my moms family is nice


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