Player-Turned-Actor Terry Crews: ‘The NFL Is A Cult’

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Terry Crews is going hard at the NFL, calling it “a cult” as the league is left reeling from yet another bombshell lawsuit.

“It’s really like a cult,” the linebacker-turned-actor told Sports Illustrated’s SI Now. “I’m going to say it. The NFL is a cult, because you’ve been looking at this motto and this logo for your whole life and you believe in it and you’re like ‘They wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. They never would.’ And, uh oh, maybe they would.”

A lawsuit filed Tuesday on behalf of hundreds of former players accused the NFL of illegally obtaining and supplying controlled substances — including narcotic painkillers — to keep players on the field.

Crews said “there’s a lot of co-dependency going on” in the NFL.

“There is this thing where the team kind of looks at themselves as your father,” Crews said. “And it’s…

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