Strongest Hints Yet From Pope Francis’ Emissary For Philadelphia Visit in 2015

CBS Philly

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Vatican’s “point man” for the planned World Meeting of Families event here in September 2015 made a stop at Philadelphia’s Roman Catholic High School today.

Students from Roman Catholic and a delegation from Hallahan High School turned on the charm as Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia entered Roman’s gym at Broad and Vine Streets.

Sophomore Matt Anticoli ratcheted up the tone, delivering in flawless Italian a message to the archbishop containing a heartfelt plea to convince the pope to come to Philadelphia for the World Families meeting.

Paglia, deeply touched by the message in his native tongue, promised he would do everything he could to convince the pope to attend.

But he asked the students to do something to help: write a personal letter to Pope Francis.

“Invite him to come to Philadelphia!” Paglia urged the students.  “I will be… in Italian we say ‘

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