The past few weeks have been rough ones for me. I see that at work, through discussions in various class postings, for my family, and in my personal life, I am constantly being asked for advice. People always seem to appreciate advice which is why they continue to ask for more. The past few days have been especially arduous for me for a variety of reasons. Conflicts at work, with family, and in my personal life seem to be taking over. But as I sit down and reflect, I see that better days are ahead. I am a perfectionist & it seems to be my greatest downfall. I want the perfect everything and I now see that does not exist. While getting ready for work this morning I decided to open up my Bible and see if it gave me some type of advice on how to carry on with all the pressures of life. And I was bewildered as to what my fingers landed on withing the pages of the Book of John.

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life”

Nice motivation huh? I felt like I wanted to cry because no matter what, I always attain that faith. But it made me think a little further and deeper into myself. And I realized that the power of Fortitude is the strongest of all. Yup, you read it right, F.O.R.T.I.T.U.D.E.

STRENGTH, COURAGE, RESILIENCE, GRIT, DETERMINATION, ENDURANCE, GUTS, & STAYING POWER are all words associated with Fortitude. Who wouldnt want to be all of those things?

I believe that many of us have a problem admitting when we are wrong. For the longest time, I did. I thought it made me weak, which is why perfectionism was always my goal. But in reality, perfectionism is my weakness. Nothing in life will be perfect and its an acceptance that I have made. Making mistakes is okay and it makes you such a better person when you do so. Within the last two days, I must say I have lost a lot of respect for those I interact with on a daily in my job. Its always the blame game and it causes more turmoil and hostility than ever needs to exist. I wouldnt want anyone to lose respect for me because I could not admit when I was wrong…thats WEAK!

False blame is for the weak minded. Admitting when you are wrong and accepting blame makes one a great leader of Fortitude. The willingness to honestly and humbly admit a mistake is what makes a person genuine. Not how perfect they seem to be or because you are in a position of power. Pride, fear, and insecurity need to be set aside in order to earn the respect of our counterparts.

As I sit here and type this, I can reflect and see the mistakes made but also the ones that others have made around me. Some mistakes being so severe that it has caused rifts between family members, loved ones, and co-workers. But how much better would the world be if we could all admit our mistakes and rather than dwell on them, learn from them, and fix the wrongs between  the ones that we love.

Food for Thought…..


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