Boston Strong-Team Hoyt



Its been 31 years in the making, and finally in April 2013, Dick and Rick Hoyt were honored for their years of dedication in running numerous marathons. The famous father and son duo were in attendance for tonight’s ESPY awards and watching their story touched my heart. 

Rick is a quadriplegic and has cerebral palsy and when his family was instructed to institutionalize him in his younger years, the Hoyts made it their mission to take a stand among the many who treat those who are little different from us with little regards. Dick has been running with his son for over 30 years and on planned on the April 15th Boston Marathon race to be their last. Just a few feet away from the Marathon starting line, the statute was unveiled. However, a day that started off with immense happiness and tears of joy ended in tragedy.

On this day occurred the bombings, which killed three innocent lives and injured over 200 more. This day will forever be remembered not only for the senseless act of violence that occurred, but for what transpired after. A whole country, OUR country, came together and stood strong for the city of Boston; as a city we stood BOSTON STRONG and showed that in the face of adversity, we can stand as one and overcome so much.

As Dick Hoyt said just a week after the attacks, “All these people are so strong and we’re going to be strong, and we’re going to stay strong….We’re definitely going to run next year, and we’re going to be stronger next year, and I know the marathon is going to be stronger next year”. 

I think it is such an inspiration to see this father and son duo embody the most important values of humanity and they are truly a model to live by.


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