Supreme Court Decision Regarding Requirement of Proof of Citizenship In Order To Vote



The Supreme Court decided early on Monday afternoon that the Arizona law that required proof of citizenship in order to vote was unconstitutional. The judges voted 7-2, with Justice Alito and Justice Thomas as the dissenters. Justice Scalia, who wrote for the majority, stated that the 1993 law known as the Motor Voter Act takes precedence over the Arizona law because of the requirements it withholds of accepting and using the federal voter registration form. 

Over 30,000 voter applications were rejected since the 2004 enactment of this Arizona law.

So what does this all really mean? What it means is that Arizona legislation placed an extra burden on its citizens to provide this extra “proof” that they were actually legitimate citizens. However, it is important to keep in mind that under penalty of perjury, citizens must honestly state if they are actually citizens when filling out the federal registration form.

Good Job Justices.. I applaud your decision. 


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