4 Letter word that can be such a beautiful expression of a bond that exists between two people, but one that can also signify for some the end of a world.

Love is such a tricky thing. Its intangible and there aren’t enough words to describe the amazing feeling you get from it. It is also ever-lasting.

I remember the days when I would feel sad thinking that no man would ever appreciate me for ME. Whether it be because I was not pretty enough, funny enough, or smart enough; I always thought that I would end up alone and never get to feel that amazing feeling.

Of course, like any other girl, I had my high school heartbreak, I guess. Not important so I won’t go into detail. But after this, I focused on ME. I focused on what I wanted to do and more importantly, on my education. I stopped looking for love and relishing in the negative thoughts that had overcome me for so long. And unexpectedly, Love FOUND ME.

My college sweetheart has turned out to be such a gift to me and I will always be grateful for him and the times that we have shared together. It has been two years since the start of “us” and it has been a very difficult, but beautiful two years. We have gone through things that most would never make it through, but have decided to stay along each other’s side and work through these things. Although our arguments are ruthless and we say things that we don’t mean, we somehow find common ground. I must admit that my “I am always right” causes a lot of our arguments, but it is something that I know I must work on. Although he may not be perfect in the eyes of many, he is perfectly imperfect and for this I will always love him sincerely. Even if the day comes where we no longer share this love for one another, I will always love his life for the things that he has taught me. In a sense, he has made me more into a woman and has helped me find my inner self.

The point is, where there is Love, there will be Love. Love is not about keeping scores against one another or retaliation, but about something more beautiful than that.

To me, it is about finding that partner who completes you; the ying to my yang, one’s other half. Very simply, that one person who you want to do everything for just to see them smile and bring joy to their life.

Love is like a Lotus flower. It is a type of awakening that blooms and cleanses you from the dark ways around you. It replenishes you and all that you hope to attain; a true beauty like no other.


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