Game 1…..

Another late night for most New Englanders. It seems as if our hockey teams and baseball teams love to torture themselves and ESPECIALLY their die hard fans by nit closing out a game in their normal allotted time.

Last night was the Boston Bruins. Game went into TRIPLE overtime… you heard me, TRIPLE OT and didn’t end until after midnight. I don’t understand why you would want to play the equivalent to two games in one night instead of just holding on to your lead and closing the game out during normal regulation. But no, not the Bruins

NOT the Boston Red Sox either *shake my head* But I sure do LOVE that dirtyyyyy water!

Few nights ago the Sox also couldn’t hold on to their VERY comfortable lead and it cause for extra innings to be played, 14 more specifically. However, we were able to get that Win and take the series from the Rays, 2 games to 1. I AM NOT MAD.

Next time boys, whether its for Saturdays Bruins game or tonights Red Sox game, can we just PLEASE have an easy night?


Grateful Boston Sports Fans


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