Distracted Driving Laws

Distracted Driving Laws

Now reading this article did take me by surprise and caused my sarcasm and anger to fuse together, but I have since calmed down and its why I can write about it. Hopefully they don’t fuse together and expose that side of me…

However… Lets Just Take A Minute And Talk About THIS

New Jersey Senator James Holzapfel has proposed this genius idea in which if police officers had a reasonable ground to suspect that an accident occurred due to being distracted by their cell phone, whether it be through texting or talking, they would have the right to confiscate your phone. Okay, so great that New Jersey and other states are trying to make the roads much safer. I applaud you for that. But what will this law in particular really accomplish?

1st Scenario: Lets say you are a New Jersey resident and unfortunately you are involved in a minor fender bender, albeit the driver or the actual victim. What are the officers supposed to do? “Were you on your phone at the time of the accident? Can I please see your phone?” Uhm…NO! Whether you were on your phone or not, why do YOU need to see it? What does that really solve? The accident already occurred so there is nothing you can do in retrospect to prevent that accident from happening.

Have we forgotten about our implicit rights to privacy as is evident through the penumbras of the Constitution that our Founding Fathers created? I think so.

So whats next, are you going to stop me because I was distracted by eating my very delicious Big Mac and you now feel the need to confiscate that as well? It might just be me, but I don’t see this law passing.

A more noble approach such as banning one from speaking on your cell phone while driving sits better with me or the recent Massachusetts law that allows officers to give you a fine if they catch you texting. I think those approaches are better because it better prevents one from being reckless and not focusing on the road. I just have a real issue with this idea of “confiscating” your personal belongings.

Come on New Jersey, lets take a better approach?


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